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The organization is established with the objective of providing high standards of training and guidance to the aspiring individuals so that they become complete in true sense. It is a new line academic entity of the 21st century, endeavors to nurture new skills and talents to cope up with the pressure exerted by the new challenges ahead.

A team of professional with a dedicated determination of rising high manages the Institute and is aspirants to explore the sky. The curriculum is devised in such a way that it gives them thorough understanding of all aspects of the exam.

At Agni Pankh the endeavor is not only on preparing the students for the competitive exams, but also to mould them in such a way that they become successful in whatever they do. We also work on comprehensive development of student’s personality & interview skills which may assist them in getting trained and motivated for better prospects.
We have set a trend in the field of education and have been providing complete guidance to students for exams like Bank PO, Bank Clerk, SSC, NDA, CDS, NIA, OTA, AFCAT, Delhi Police, NICL, LIC, GIC, RRB, Hotel Management Entrance, etc. and have also produced a pool of successful candidates in the last five years of our existence.

Agni Pankh Group is one of Dehradun’s leading educational Institute for competitive exam preparation. The Institute is run by a very experienced team of professionals who have more than 8-10 years of teaching experience, each, for various competitive exams.
Led by a team of Ex-Bank Managers, IIT-IIM alumni & Young Entrepreneurs.
The unique teaching methodology, experienced faculty and extensive course ware has made it a first choice for the aspiring students.

Our Vision is to impart world class, quality education built on principles of trust and customer satisfaction. We strive constantly to deliver on this vision by adopting the practice of “continuous improvement”.

The concept of education, in modern time, has changed altogether. The student is no more considered to be having an empty mind that has to be filled in with knowledge by the teacher.
The role of a teacher has changed from an authoritarian to a friendly guide, a manager, a facilitator, a psychologist and a judge simultaneously. The curriculum is no longer an exercise for memory but it leads the students to reflect deeply and is activity-based.
It is designed , nowadays, in such a way that an overall development of individuals is brought about by catering for their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual development.
We at Agni Pankh Institute follow the same methodology to shape the career of individual.

The Institute has always been appreciated for its highly efficient faculty and course manuals.
Quite often the person himself is unaware of the potentialities, the knowledge imported by the institute provides the confidence and the in depth knowledge which enables him to face the competition.
Our focus lies not only in imparting knowledge, attitudes and skills but also in developing the overall personality of our students. By providing a rich and vibrant learning environment we encourage them to embrace change and experiment with new ideas.
Our innovative approach not only stimulates free interaction but also kindles a spirit of deep enquiry in the young minds and helps to enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills.
On the whole the institute serves as a potent tool for enhancing the self-confidence of the students and transforming them into smart and competent individuals ready to prove their mettle in the tough and steamy world of competition.

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